Wig Rehab

Did you buy a wig from B&B's Health Boutique?


We offer services to maintain the beauty of your wig, whether it is synthetic or human hair. Here at B&B's Health Boutique we have a Licensed Cosmetologist on site who is happy to take appointments and discuss what your needs are. Please allow enough time to walk through your everyday routine, talk about the health of your wig, discuss how it can be fixed, and be prepared to leave your wig with our staff. The repairs are done off-site and you will be notified when your wig is complete and ready for pick up. 

Please note: There is a base fee based on what needs done, as well as a hourly rate for labor.



  • Cutting
  • Re-sizing
  • Steaming


If our specialist feels your wig is past the point of repair, we do have catalogs to look through and will be happy to order you a new wig.


Please note: ALL wig or hair piece orders are considered special request and do require to be paid in full before the order is submitted.