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Our mission statement

      B&B's Health Boutique mission is to raise awareness and the importance of early detection. We are a specialty boutique that provides quality garments that enhances a woman's sense of style, and encourages her to feel beautiful and sexy. The goal is to provide an atmosphere where women can come to feel pampered and receive excellent customer service.
   "The boutique provides sanctuary, restoring dignity, and giving care to women and their families. As a cancer survivor, it is easier for families to put their trust in me, knowing that I have been through the experience." - Bonnie Bell, Founder and Owner

      We are not just a store selling products; we supply specialty items and services to support women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. As well as supply women who have not undergone surgery, the quality bra's they deserve and that their breast deserve.
      Besides providing breast products, we also carry underwear, lingerie, wigs, and wig products. B&B has private dressing rooms to comfortably assist our customers! Above all, we will try our best to eliminate any fears and insecurities that may exist.




We love what we do and everything we do comes from the heart!
With sizes ranging from 28AA - 52N and Small - 6X, we know we can find the fit for you!
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