So Excited

Bonnie Bell

Today I went to Berryville Nursing Home to do a final fitting for an elderly woman. To keep the names of all my patients private, lets call her 1 Corinthians 13:3.
    Let me start off by being honest; I had a long day, it was dreary and wet outside. I really didn't feel like going to Berryville today and the thought crossed my mind to re-schedule. I really just felt like going home, my mood was not the best.
    I had made a commitment though to go today and I do my best to follow through. So I went. As I was leaving my shop, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to take the family's phone number in case I had to call them. Even though it wasn't one time but three times I felt this, I shook it off and said I don't need it. I also said three times, I don't need it. [James 1:22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says]. So I headed out the door. I had just arrived on route 7 toward Berryville and guess what I seen, from what I could see it was a bad accident that had detoured me to another route to get to my destination. I needed to call the family and let them know I was running late due to a car accident, but I didn't have the phone number to call.
    I finally got around the accident but still needed to stop for gas. I finally arrived 30 minutes late and when I got to the door to ring the doorbell, I saw my little beautiful patient in her wheelchair all by herself waiting for almost 40 minutes for me. She had a large smile on her face with excitement to see me and get her new bras and prosthetic. She has been without a new prosthetic for years which has left her feeling incomplete. The one she was wearing was too small, in bad shape, and was also pinned to her bra instead of in the proper pocket needed to maintain the life of the product. My heart melted, she was waving to me from her wheelchair but she couldn't let me into the nursing home. So I rang the doorbell again and waited for an attendant to let me in. Even in her condition, the emotion she showed me was like a little kid in a candy store- so excited! I was able to wheel her back to her room where I proceeded to fit her with the correct products. After completing the fit, she was so happy with the results, she felt complete again, and felt like a woman again! The look on her face and the excitement she showed was priceless. My heart felt so humbled and so grateful at the same time. I felt God. It brought tears to my eyes. Today I truly felt I am making a difference in women's lives. But I cannot do this without God!! 
    After we finished, I helped her in her wheelchair back to the lobby where she wanted to say goodbye and give me a kiss on the cheek along with a big hug! I am not sure if I will ever see her again but I will never forget this moment I had with her. So thank you to her for making me feel complete today. 
    I would like to take this time to explain why I used 1 Corinthians 13:3, I had the ability to fit her properly, I even could have boasted about it, but if I didn't have love behind it, I would had gained nothing.


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